Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family Trip to St. George

Once a year some of the Olsen family make a pilgrimage to St. George to scope out the very expensive homes on the annual home show tour. February 2009 was no exception. Reed and Jeannie, Dale and Sharon, Scott and Judy and some of their children make this a special event. Jon and Shelley, Lyndsay, Ryan and their kids, Mark and Dora and their kids, Amy and Matt and their kids, Mandy and Jim and their kids, Chris and Stacy and Carson.

Tim and Carol joined them this year and spent time visiting with Grandpa Olsen and Edna.The weather in St. George was ideal for the home show. On occasion there was overcast clouds, but unfortunately, no rain. Once again the houses chosen for the tour inspired jealousy and envy. Swimming pools, home movie theaters, magnificent furnishings, elaborate kitchens and pots. Yes, that's right pots!A lady stopped and blocked traffic while entering a house in Sand Hallow. She moved back and forth and spied closely the above pot as if it were a rare treasure and a very unusual find. Carol studied the pot and could find no tell tale signs of antiquity or rarity. However, this woman's unusual behavior was intriguing. So Carol did a study of pots. Here's a few of these fascinating pots:

There were lots of favorites during the tour. Homes with more square feet than sense, houses with unnecessary rooms and irrational use of space. One house had a basement that looked more like a sports complex: basketball court, climbing wall, handball court, weight room, and gold putting green. Who needs all that? Yikes!

Carol Anne had favorites. Bathrooms seemed to be one her list: Isn't that something? Neat huh?
Swimming pools were also a source of great fascination and admiration. This is really special. This house butts up against Snow Canyon and Tuachan's area. Spectacular:
Any's favorite was a house in Bloomington that featured a private pedicure foot bath. No expense was spared: I think we should all run out and have a foot bath installed in your homes. It's what the rich, discerning individual would have.

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Sharon said...

Sounds like a good time. One of these years when I am not pregnant and my children are over the age of 5 then I can think about coming. LOL