Saturday, November 8, 2008

Celebrating 90 years of life!

On October 25, 2008, the Paul Olsen clan celebrated Paul's 90 years of life. It was a great party for Paul surrounded by his loving HUGE family. All of his five children, (Pictured at the top of the blog as youngsters), were in attendance. (Just one apology up front. My pictures did not turn out even with a digital camera. They looked like I took them under water. So thanks to Hillary King, my beloved niece, the following pictures are what we have of the event. It my family has more pictures, please advise.)

The Head of the Paul Olsen Clan:
Paul Olsen and his wife, Edna

Paul Olsen's children: David, Reed, Paul(father), Dale, Carol Anne & Scott
Twenty of his thirty four grandchildren were there and numbers concourses of great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren were there. As well as dear friends and close relatives. We enjoyed browsing the numerous photos of family, looking at picture books, and reminiscing. We ate a delicious meal of baked potatoes and a varying variety of homemade salads. Laura, Joe's wife made a fantastic cake. With pictures of Paul's life actually made in frosting as the decoration. Isn't it remarkable. Congratulations to Laura, great job!
Scott and Judy Olsen's Family
Scott & Judy (Paul's oldest son and his wife, the former Judy Jorgenson)
Allen and DiAnne, (Scott's third son [twin] and his wife the former DiAnne Ranjael)
Mark and Dora, (Scott's fourth son [twin] and his wife Dora Ranjael) Joe and Laura Olsen & family (Scott's son Joe and his wife, the former Laura Findlay) Chris & Stacy Olsen (Scott's son Chris and the former Stacy Hanson) Amy and Matt Pretl (Scott's daughter Amy)Mandy and Jim Landon (Scott's daughter Mandy)

Reed & Jeannie Olsen's family

Reed & Jeannie, 5 children, spouses and grandchildren
Dale & Sharon Olsen and Megan
David & Shari Olsen's family:
Sharon & Shay Stott & family (David's daughter)
Sarah & Jeff Brighton & Family (David's daughter)Rebecca Olsen (David's daughter)Paul and Jennifer Olsen & family (David's son)Jeremiah Olsen (David's son)

(Saving the best for last) Carol & Tim Malone (Paul's only daughter)
Of course there were some family members that couldn't be there and some who are camera shy or were among the blurry photos. But when we consider the day as a whole, I'm sure the rest of my family would agree with me--family is precious. Being with family a joy, and belonging to such a large, multi-generational family a blessing from God.


Hill said...

I am glad to see you got the pictures. I got to taking them to late and people had left or were busy with clean up. Sorry for missing those of you I missed.

Sharon said...

Wow! I still can't believe how big the family is getting! It was nice to see everyone there. My sister Ruth and her family were going to come but the transmission in there car had other plans, like falling apart. I know she really wanted to be there.