Friday, November 7, 2008

New Additions to the Olsen Posterity

Carter Paul Olsen - Son of Paul and Jennifer Olsen, Grandson of David Olsen:

David’s son Paul and his wife Jennifer welcomed a new addition to their family, Carter Paul Olsen. He was born on July 3rd at 8:57 am weighing six pounds and three ounces and was eighteen and a half inches long. Unfortunately, he was taken to Primary Children’s Hospital about thirty hours after birth as we found out that he was born with Hirschsprungs disease like Paul as a baby, just not as bad. They were able to bring him home on July 16th, and they were so grateful for that he is doing awesome. He is a very well mannered baby and Nicole loves her new little brother.

Charley Olsen - Son of J.P. & Brenna Olsen, Grandson of Mark & Dora Olsen, Great-Grandson of Paul Scott & Judy Olsen:

Scott and Judy’s grandson J.P. and his wife Brenna welcomed their first child, Charley on July 7, 2008. Charley weighed seven pounds and eight ounces and was twenty inches long. Brenna describes Charley as a milk lover, sleepy-head, cuddler, and bathtime devotee. “I swear this kid smiles, apparently never at the opportune time for a picture but I'll catch it one day.” (Catch her blog.)

Sean Jack Fitzgerald, Son of Shelly and Shawn Fitzgerald, Grandson of Shari Olsen:

David’s step-daughter Shelly and her husband Shawn Fitzgerald welcomed a new son into their family, Sean Jack. Sean was born on July 2, 2008.

What's better than that? New husbands and wife's welcoming to their family God's greatest gifts. It's such a miracle to witness and be apart of something so spiritually significant. Congratulations to all these young families.
Good luck and God bless you all in your endeavors to raise a righteous posterity.


Sharon said...

Paul's son, Carter is such a strong baby. He has been through alot, just like his daddy. I remember those days all too well. I want to say thank you to Aunt Judy and Aunt Jeanie for taking turns taking care of us during those uneasy times when Paul was a baby.
Carter could not have a better teacher on how to handle this than Paul!

Audie Rocks said...

Hello, my name is Austyn Ross, and I knew Becca Olsen back in the day. I wonder if you might know her whereabouts. I just got married and wanted to share the news and reconnect. Do you have a way of getting in touch with her? Much appreciated. Thanks.